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  • TheBirdcage

    Oh Robin, You Were Fabulous!

    This week the world lost one of it’s shining stars. Robin Williams was one in a million, and it’s unlikely we will see another quite like him. One of my favourite Williams

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  • 0fa85906a569c0ebbbf78458a489057b

    This Scary World

    The world is becoming a very, very unsettled place. Acts of barbarism, breaches of international human rights, and atrocities of moral disorder. But we here at Pretty You London try to keep

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  • heart

    The Atlanta Show

    This week marks the beginning of the world renowned Americas Mart Gift Fair! How exciting, and of course Pretty You London is there in force! Unfortunately, some bad news from PY-HQ, our

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  • miley

    Miley Miley Miley

    International Singing Superstar Miley Cyrus may do a lot of things right. Her choice of slippers is NOT one of them. Get in touch Miley, we’ll sort you out!  

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  • slipperhotel

    Fathers Day & Slippers

    Lost your faith in humanity? Allow me to usher in renewed faith! A hotel in Shropshire, UK, is hosting men from around the country, in a special father’s day lunch. However, there’s

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  • sixyears

    The Pretty You Book Club: 6 Years

    This week, Harlan Coben’s mystery thriller, ’6 Years’ is featured on Pretty You London’s book club. What if you watched the love of your life marry someone else? What if she made

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  • bauer2

    Jack Bauer in London

    Everyone at Pretty You London is stocked to have Jack Bauer returning to our screens. We are even more excited because the latest series is set in London! Seeing Bauer save the

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  • stoner

    Pretty You Book Club: Stoner

    As a new addition to the Pretty You blog, I will be bringing you some literary recommendations. ‘Why?’ I hear you beckon towards the screen. Well, we see reading and slipper wearing

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  • comfy

    Lazy Weekend

    If like us, you live for the weekend, then you should probably accessorize your free days with a pair of our slippers. Whether you’re doddering around the house, waiting to go out

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  • london

    The London Part

    These days it’s very easy to say something comes from, or is inspired by a certain location. Here’s the thing though- Pretty You London does so honestly. Our creators are English, as

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  • The slippers are so fashionable and you have a style for everyone.  They are all so pretty and feminine – it is very hard to make up your mind which one to

    Pat From Texas
    Good Shepherd Medical Centre
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    Taking on a new line for our gift shop is always a risky move. Investing money in a new line of products is always a risk, since there is no guarantee that

    Alana f
    A Message from Malinda
    Jessica's Unique Gift Shop
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  • Hi Pretty You! I met your team at the Las Vegas convention and purchased a trial run of your slippers! Wow they are amazing, my customers love them, I love them. The

    I recently bought a pair of your slippers (Briony) and they are honestly the best and comfiest slippers in the world! So thank you for making them! I adore your designs! I

About Us

Our History

For the past 35 years, the founder of Pretty You has been selling high quality clothing and footwear products in the UK market. Customers include the largest department stores, high-street chains, catalogue companies and international brands. By using all our experience in the UK, we have created Pretty You...

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Our Designers

  • Rebecca from Pretty You

    Rebecca Brown

    Head Designer

    I believe that our shoes are part of our personality, and our slippers should not be any different.

  • Bianca from Pretty You

    Bianca Donn

    Senior Designer

    What girl doesn’t love shoes?! And I have always said you can tell a person by their shoes.

New Range

Welcome to the home of Pretty You London.

Our fabulous designers have been hard at work again to bring to you our new range of stylish, unique ladies slippers.

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