If you would like to open a Pretty You wholesale account, we would love to hear from you.

Either use the table below to find your nearest rep, or alternatively, give us a call on +1 509 380 0069, or email enquire@prettyyoulondon.com.

TerritorySales RepPhoneEmail
J Brandes.      
TX Sheree Smith 972-978-4929 Sheree.Smith@Jbrandesinc.com
Arkansas Mandy Ramsey 501-827-3371 Mandy.Ramsey@Jbrandesinc.com
Oklahoma Mike Berland 405-721-2571 Mike.Berland@Jbrandesinc.com
TX, Houston Sharon Charski 713-721-3947 Sharon.Charski@Jbrandesinc.com
Louisiana Teresa Miller 985-845-7489 Teresa.Miller@Jbrandesinc.com
TX Kim Edgar 214-695-8047 Kim@Jbrandesinc.com
TX Brittainy Mount 214-742-8882 BrittainyMount@gmail.com
Oklahoma Sandra Deane 405-659-3911 sandra.deane@jbrandesinc.com
TX Kathleen O'Neil 361-658-4022  Kathleen.ONeil@Jbrandesinc.com
 Grace by Catherine Sullivan      
San Fernando Valley east through Pasadena and Glendale. Portions of the Inland Empire in LA, West Hollywood, South Bay from Culver City through Torrance - CA Hali Burton 818-780-5291 burtihal@sbcglobal.net
Orange County, Long Beach - CA Brittany Davison 213-628-3289 brittany@remembrancela.com
AZ, NM Sharon Kalscheuer 480-513-3816 skalscheuer@cox.net
Ventura County thru Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo - CA Christy Kretzschmer 805-245-0791 christy@remembrancela.com
San Diego from Orange County border to Mexican border, Palm Springs - CA Derek Marquadt 213-804-3036 repderek@gmail.com
HI Ann Yempuku Otani 808-778-5405 aotani1@hawaiiantel.net
North CA Julia Anania 661-609-7974 julia@remembrancela.com
North East CA, Tahoe, Carson, Reno, North West Nevada Jill Vanderziel 775-626-5690  jillvanderziel@sbcglobal.net
Las Vegas  Merriam Olds  702-236-2278  vegasolds@aol.com
Las Vegas Maureen Malone   mo@remembrancela.com
  Craig Kramer 818-679-7875 craig@kregger.net
Fashion Street      
Iowa Shannon Kowalski 612-839-9857 erin@fashionst.net
Mpls/St Paul, IA Janet Atkinson 612-702-6702 janet@fashionst.net
Northern WI Dan DeVal 920-208-6921 ddevel@giftstreet.com
Southern WI PJ Schroeder 262-538-0464 pjschroeder@giftstreet.com
South East MN, Central WI, ND Laura Wilcox 651-276-0519 laura@fashionst.net
Eastern Sales Representatives      
Suffolk County, NY Bob Bosnack  631-648-7452   
Central NJ, Philadelphia, PA Jeff Falk 856-482-0277


Northern NJ Theresa Guadagno 201-307-07656


Southern NJ Barbara Hardy 732-988-3955 giftnut3@yahoo.com
Nassau/Queens Bruce Kane 631-366-4541 brucedkane@gmail.com
PA Rich Kleinhart 215-947-2545 MurphFinn@comcast.net
Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC Harry Lorowitz 516-242-1380 hwlorowitz@aol.com
Northern NJ Westchester, NY Ingrid Markowitz 201-969-1147 ingridmarkowitz@hotmail.com
Maryland Dawn Mattier 410-404-0651 djmattier@aol.com
NE Upstate NY Mike Mulligan 518-506-8021 mmulligan24@gmail.com
Queens, Nassau County, NY Norm Ostrie 718-423-1041 norm927@aol.com
  Staci Portee 732-390-4561 swdstaci@comcast.net
Western Upstate NY Greg Richards 585-889-7609 gregrichards@richardsgroup5.com
East PA Bill Thomas 610-334-5596 billthomasinc@gmail.com
  Elkan Sklan 516-557-2584 esagifts@optonline.net
Blanche Inc      
Illinois Connie Ciesielski 630-907-2098 conski4@comcast.net


Blanche Nastovski 312-527-1688 blanche@blancheinc.com
 Independent Reps      
Utah Mary Wedel 801-597-5605 mary.wedel@comcast.net
Colorado/Eastern Wyoming Sara Sunby 720-369-6920  
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